The powerful capabilities of CoRE KOL™ helps Medical Affairs and Science Liaisons forge strong relationships with clinical and academic researchers by empowering them with a deep understanding of “what” and “how” researcher activities align with their strategic needs.


Discover scientists based on their research, not their reputation.

CoRE™ provides objective, prioritized recommendations for partnerships based on real-time research and activities of clinical and academic researchers.

Cultivate partnerships for collaboration in real-time.

CoRE KOL™ enables MSLs to stay up-to-date with industry thought leaders by providing daily activity alerts tailored to their business goals.

Save time and boost effectiveness.

Our CoRE Platform understands your organization, your goals, and your needs. Using these unique insights we provide highly personalized recommendations, updates, and insights.


We strive to be thought leaders in our industry by sharing our ideas and our experiences.

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september, 2017

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Our Company

A chance encounter in a Seattle pub enabled Lev Becker and Jason Smith — a biochemist and a technologist — to realize their combined passion for connecting the world through science and data. It is this sense of “chance and epiphany” that has been carried into not just the product, but the overall impact of rMark Bio.

Co-Founders, Dr. Lev Becker and Jason M. Smith