Vice President of Engineering (VPE)

Engineering - Chicago, Seattle, Remote

Company Description

rMark Bio helps life science companies solve for the complexities that come with digital transformation by developing end-to-end AI solutions that deliver personalized business intelligence through integrated applications and API accessible services

Healthcare innovation is best served when individuals with diverse backgrounds come together with a common purpose and clear objectives to improve patient lives. 

We are product strategists, engineers, data scientists and designers who are experts in our domain and passionate about our mission to accelerate innovation, collaboration and scientific discovery for life sciences

Job Description

rMark Bio, is searching for a senior technology leader for the role of Vice President of Engineering (VPE) to manage our agile team of SDEs, SREs, SDETs and UATs to implement and maintain secure, scalable, cloud-based software solutions, identify and execute customer integration solutions, and streamline the team’s software delivery tools and processes. A successful candidate will have both the experience and the passion for leading by example – managing up, down, and laterally – as well as getting their hands dirty in IC roles, as is often necessary in a startup where everyone is expected to wear multiple hats. The core engineering team is as a small SWAT-style team with everyone pulling their own weight, playing a variety of roles, and covering each others’ responsibilities when needed. Applicants should be qualified as top-notch full-stack developers, with a passion for building and running cohesive teams that deliver software value for the business in a consistent, predictable, reliable, and predictable manner.

Job Responsibilities

  • Live and breathe a DevOps culture managing teams of Senior SDEs and SREs that work hand-in-hand with you to deliver modern, scalable, SaaS software across multiple cloud providers.
  • Be the most experienced technologist at the company, in both breadth and depth.
  • Be ultimately responsible for the execution of the company’s software technology roadmap.
  • Build the engineering organization from existing and new employees and contractors to create the team with which you can best succeed at delivering on our business goals.
  • Manage your engineering team to deliver high quality software product, meet internal and external goals of the organization.
  • Foster a healthy culture of happy, productive, autonomous, team-oriented software engineers that respect one another and exhibit pride in software craftsmanship and shipping frequently.
  • Ensure engineering organization is properly staffed, tooled, and processed.
  • Define and execute on your department’s quarterly objectives in a measurable, repeatable way.
  • Collaborate with other VPs and senior management in defining higher-level corporate objectives.
  • Report directly to the CEO and “manage up” to provide the insight into the engineering organization necessary to successfully steer the business.
  • Share the responsibility of the CTO to keep the company on the forefront of the technology curve, always looking for opportunities to improve, innovate, and achieve engineering excellence as a company.
  • Work with VP of Information Technology on cloud and infrastructure costs and budgets.
  • Work with product owner to understand internal and external requirements and help the team design solutions to satisfy these.
  • Tag-team with the VP of Information Technology to co-own relationships with vendors, cloud providers, and other third-party service providers.
  • Help vet, compare, assess, and select third-party technology providers and vendors.
  • Implement pieces of production code with the rest of the team – This is a hands-on role and you will be expected to lead by example.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Education: B.S. in Computer Science or related field
  • 15+ years of software product development experience.
  • 10+ years of experience working with modern web and mobile language/frameworks such as Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go.
  • 5+ years of team management experience.
  • Strong verbal and written communication and documentation skills.
  • Apolitical by nature – data-driven, but usually right when going on instinct
  • Proven track record of success managing development teams in high-functioning continuous delivery environment that supports outcomes for the business.
  • Mastery of modern agile software methodologies (e.g., Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, Kanplan) and planning tools (e.g. Pivotal Tracker, JIRA)
  • Deep knowledge and hands-on experience operating distributed, scalable SaaS offerings using Docker and Kubernetes (or similar container/orchestration) in production at scale.
  • Experience maintaining highly-available and elastically-scalable systems.
  • Skilled with modern IaaS, PaaS, and Linux system administration.
  • Strong understanding of relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Solid understanding of modern API design patterns (REST, GraphQL, JSON, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of Big Data systems.
  • Strong working knowledge of Data Privacy practices, GDPR, CCPA, etc.
  • Strong system security experience.


  • All candidates must successfully complete a background check
  • Candidates must be US Citizen or US Permanent Resident
  • Please e-mail resume, cover letter, and include job title applied for in subject line, to: [email protected]