rMark Bio is proud to announce our successful graduation from the Chicago Innovation Mentors program at MATTER. A 6-month, team-based mentoring program, CIM is designed to assist early stage science-based ventures through a series of challenges including fundraising, product positioning and business validation. Working with our team of CIM mentors, we were able to determine the proper positioning in the market as we grew from a concept to a product that launched in nine months. Thank you to our team of mentors – Gayle Kirkpatrick, Tom Overmeyer, Rob DeMento and Adam Latts – for providing us with critical insights, objective advice and the ideal balance of both practical feedback and positive support.

Jason and Lev would especially like to thank Gayle for her steadfast leadership during our time in the CIM program.

Thank you,

Jason & Lev

P.S. If you are a science-based venture seeking a rigorous mentoring program, we highly recommend applying for or learning more about CIM here.