Strengthen your engagements and deepen scientific insights with Cue

Why Cue?

Cue is an intelligent assistant that uses AI to help organizations strengthen scientific discovery through engagements by enabling teams plan, prepare, cultivate KOL relationships and measure their impact throughout the lifecycle of a drug.

Why Cue?

  • Stay informed about KOL engagements & activities
  • Strategically plan engagements & congresses
  • Capture & analyze insights and observations
  • Plan & manage strategic imperatives
  • Customizable & exportable reports
  • NLP/ML intelligence layer
  • Weekly KOL highlights email
  • Video conferencing & presenter add-ons
  • Configurable & customizable
  • Web app, iPad app & iOS app available
  • Global-ready & compliant
Why Cue? product shot.

Organizations use Cue to…

  • Strategically Plan

    HCP engagements that align with scientific imperatives.

  • Facilitate preparation

    Enriched HCP profiles and current acitivity Cues.

  • Capture Insights

    Gain insights on how conversations are delivering results across R&D, Medical Affairs, Marketing and Commercial teams.

  • Unlock Data-Driven Value

    Measure impact with Cue reports and analytics.

Teams use Cue to…

  • Stay informed about HCP engagements & activities

  • Plan engagements aligned to imperatives

  • Strategically plan conferences & generate reports

  • Capture and analyze insights and observations

  • Manage strategic imperatives

  • Manage, follow and discovery HCPs

  • Build and export reports

  • Receive weekly HCP highlights via email

  • Visualize Data in Reports

  • Manage Your Profile & Interests

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