Fabric is an end-to-end solution that accelerates innovation with an extensible platform, smart apps and integrated services that solve the complex needs of the life sciences ecosystem.


Fabric addresses for the unique challenges life sciences companies face throughout their digital transformation.


Define Objectives, Ingest & Process Data

Public Databases

3rd Party/Paid Databases

Internal Data Sources

Business Applications

ML Platform

Deep Dive Insights & Discoveries

Best-in-class Modeling

Predictive Analytics

Machine Learning

APIs & Apps

Intelligence Delivered with Engaging User Experiences

Customizable Apps

Engagement Analytics

Continuous Discovery


Fabric Primus helps companies go deeper with their data.

Fabric Primus is comprehensive data solution that surfaces the value of data by automating
quality, integrating multiple data sets, preparing data for machine learning and accessing new inputs for on-going benefits.

Create Clear Objectives with Data

Improve Data Consistency

Correct Data Anomalies

Develop Audit Tracker

Update Information & Fill in Gaps

Transform for ML

Optimize Globally

Store Transformed Data in Existing Warehouses



Fabric ML drives real-time insights that can accelerate life sciences discoveries and innovation and unify strategic imperatives.

Inspire Collaboration.

Discover the right partnerships for strategic imperatives and gain recommendations for how to best collaborate.

Drive Engagement.

Gain insights on how conversations are delivering results across R&D, Medical Affairs, Marketing and Commercial teams.

Raise Awareness.

Define your position within the market and develop effective initiatives to increase business activities.

Ignite Innovation.

Partner with academic researchers and organizations to align domain expertise and accelerate time to market.


Fabric APIs & Apps bring insights and data transformations to life with engaging experiences. 

Fabric APIs facilitate the efficient and compliant integration of insights and data intelligence into new or existing business applications.


Analyze any large corpus of text data from publications, trials, articles and notes to determine the macro concepts, micro concepts, keywords and sentiment.


Integrate Veeva, Salesforce or Dynamics to discover new insights and connections between HCPs, researchers, organizations and patients.


Build complete profiles of HCPs with internal and external data. Dossiers can be extended and unique to your applications.

Field Insights.

Enable your apps to capture free-form text or connect existing CRM databases to gain insights into concepts, keywords, sentiment and conversations.

Network Influence.

Build connections between people and their data and weight their influence based on unique business imperatives.

Data Updates.

Subscribe to receive updates each week including research, personnel and other types of integrated data sources.


Plan your HCP meetings and deliver the latest information and imperatives within your application.


Integrate multiple data sets to deliver weekly recommendations for speaker programs including speaker, recommended HCPs (based on your rules) and content.


Integrate with Veeva Vault and other CMS systems to enable apps to easily build and modify presentations based on compliance and marketing rules.

Cue™ is Fabric’s customizable application that delivers an intelligent nudge in the right direction.

Cue™ is an intelligent assistant that uses machine learning to help life sciences companies discover, build and manage HCP relationships based on unique business interests and company imperatives.

– Summarize Your Week

– Prepare for Your Week

– Discover Meaningful insights

– Manage Your Imperatives

– Manage Your HCP Connections

– Glean HCP Insights (Dossier)

– Visualize Data in Reports

– Manage Your Profile & Interests

Fabric  Advantages





Increased Engagement

Resource Cost Savings

Productivity Gain

Process Improvements

Unified Platform


Increased Compliance

Brand Equity

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