CoRE KOL™ is our first app powered by rMark Bio’s proprietary Collaboration Recommendation Engine (CoRE). CoRE leverages deep learning based, natural language processing to capture and analyze information about the research activities of academic scientists. CoRE KOL™ provides objective, up-to-the minute, prioritized recommendations for academic partnership.


CoRE KOL™ provides a simple user interface with relevant and actionable insights at your fingertips.


Dashboards & Alerts

Stay up-to-date with the ongoing activities of academic and clinical researchers in your key areas of interest. CoRE KOL’s alert system is fully customizable to the individual needs of each MSL. Alerts can be set for a multitude of activities, including: relocation, new grants, new publications, promotions, and congresses.


Get the information you need in seconds not days. CoRE KOL™ integrates search throughout the application enabling MSLs to use keywords to find, refine and filter potential partners and their associated research.

KOL Profile

Get real-time, relevant information about KOLs and how their research aligns with your needs.


Manage, track, and aggregate your connection information for existing and new KOLs as your network grows.


View activities across universities or research centers in your geographic region.


Create custom reports based on expertise or therapeutic areas of interest and save for future reference. Share reports securely with team members for printing or online viewing using the integrated client portal.

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