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CoRE KOL™ Pilot Program rMark Bio is excited to introduce our CoRE KOL™ Pilot Program. Our Pilot Program enables life science companies to gain early access to rMark Bio’s CoRE KOL™ SaaS solution. As a member of the Pilot Program, customers have full access to our SaaS solution via web and iOS app, integration of custom data, and the ability to provide direct feedback to improve the application for your unique needs.


  • Discounted price
  • Unlimited Users **
  • 6 Months One division (eg. Medical Affairs, Sales & Marketing, R&D)
  • Up to 2 Primary Therapeutic Areas
  • Up to 3 Internal Data Sources
  • 2 Feedback Sessions
  • Limited Customization
  • United States Only

How It Works

rMark Bio’s CoRE™ Deep Learning Platform identifies KOLs tailored to your unique business needs. We integrate your internal data (eg. CRM, Internal conversation tools, strategy, sales & marketing, etc.) with publicly available data (eg. NIH,, etc.) to tailor our algorithms for your specific requirements, and provide access to our platform via our CoRE KOL™ application.




We upload and integrate up to 3 internal data sources into our platform. Data sources can be databases (eg. SQL, NoSQL, Oracle) or common formats (eg. comma-delimited, pipe-delimited). Further, we can integrate with existing platforms or services via REST APIs (eg. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics).



Using our global cloud platform, we distribute personalized recommendations, alerts, and insights to your team anywhere in the world. CoRE KOL™ — rMark Bio’s personalized intelligence app for Medical Affairs personnel — can be deployed to MSLs via the web or iOS iPad app.



As your team uses applications built on CoRE™, it will continually learn from them in order to provide even more relevant recommendations. Each quarter we will host an open review session with your team where they can provide feedback about the CoRE KOL™ solution, application, and features.



After completing the Pilot program, we will provide an annual license for your team to continue using CoRE KOL™, and continue to customize it by adding additional data sources and features.

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At rMark Bio, we understand the need for flexibility. We will work with each Core KOL™ Pilot Program company to ensure enough time, data sources, and customization to gain maximum value for our needs. Additionally, if you would like more than one division within your organization to take advantage of the Core KOL™ Pilot Program, we can provide Enterprise discounts.