rMark Bio’s Fabric™: Scalable AI Solution Helps Life Sciences Companies Accelerate Drug Discovery, Collaboration and Development

March 18, 2019

CHICAGOMarch 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – rMark Bio announces the launch of Fabric™, an advanced end-to-end AI solution that delivers personalized business intelligence through integrated applications and API accessible services that are built to solve common scientific and business challenges within life sciences organizations.

“While AI and machine learning hold transformational promise for life sciences companies, they struggle to make it a reality because the issues are complex with numerous divisions, needs and a plethora of data inputs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, Fabric addresses key business needs of life sciences companies through intelligent, modular services that are accessible via our Fabric APIs. Fabric provides life sciences companies customizable solutions that strategically mine internal, third party and public data, align priorities across the organization and connect them to key opinion leaders and health care providers to help them address their evolving needs.”

Fabric is designed to analyze petabytes of unstructured text, videos, voice, proteomics, genomic and free form data from existing business applications such as Microsoft™, Salesforce™ and Veeva™ along with third party data sources from IQVIA™ and Symphony Heath™.  Working in unison, Fabric’s neural networks determine the most relevant insights and discoveries and then shape them based on each department or user’s specific business needs without the requirement of multiple systems.

Fabric can be tailored to address issues faced by specific divisions across an organization. Life sciences companies can utilize Fabric’s agility in a variety of ways. Customers use Fabric’s data service to enrich their data with public sources, automating quality control and preparing it for machine learning. Other customers leverage Fabric ML’s data intelligence to build new insights and shape them into business decisions or recommendations.

rMark Bio offers companies myriad ways to partner, build and collaborate with us to empower transformation across multiple departments,” said Smith.

Today, customers adopt Fabric offerings in a multitude of ways, for example:


  • Top-10 pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with rMark to build custom applications based on a combination of Fabric APIs and Machine Learning.
  • Companies buy a customizable out-of-the-box solution such as Cue™, an AI “matchmaking” assistant that uses machine learning to help companies discover, build and manage relationships with health care providers active in areas relevant to their interests and imperatives.
  • Companies bring their existing CRM, messaging or internal business applications and integrate with Fabric’s platform and APIs to deliver insightful, time-saving insights.

“Fabric APIs are designed specifically with life sciences companies in mind. Our strategy is to enable these companies and their teams to benefit from Fabric’s ML without always needing to incorporate another app into their workflow.  By delivering intelligence via products that teams already use – be it chat, email, a CRM, voice or others – we can surface the right insights at the right time within the products they use most frequently. For those who require an app, we offer an out of the box solution, but Fabric Services also solves a real issue in digital transformation as a whole — app overload, which can lead to lack of engagement and decreased productivity.”

rMark Bio has opened Fabric to select product companies to build and sell their own offerings for the life sciences industry. OpX Insights built its flagship product VoKOL™ using Fabric’s NLP services and Field Insights APIs, which enhances the ability of medical affairs to capture and report on scientific insights from field teams. VoKOL optimizes scientific exchange by collecting current strategies in one place, enabling a quick dive into individual strategies for reporting, trending and analysis and then providing intelligent alerts based on field insights.

“Fabric enabled us to rapidly develop a solution that helps analyze insights, identify new strategies and transform data into actionable tactics for medical professionals,” said Mike Abbadessa, PharmD, CEO and Founder of OpX Insights. “Building on this industry-leading solution meant we could accelerate our time to market.”

Abbadessa of OpX Insights will be joining rMark Bio for a live demo of VoKOL and Fabric at booth 307 at the DIA Medical Affairs and Scientific Communications Forum March 18-20 in Orlando, Fla.

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