rMark Bio’s Collaboration Recommendation Engine (CoRE™) delivers personalized recommendations for you and your team. By understanding global health data, along with your internal data (e.g., existing KOLs, interactions, research, and strategic outcomes), our personalized intelligence engine can identify dozens of unique attributes that evaluate, align, and prioritize KOL engagements.




Using our CoRE™ Data Connectors, we integrate your data sources into our CoRE™ learning platform for analysis. CoRE™ Data Connectors support common enterprise and private data sources including streaming data, CRM, voice, customer data, clinical & research, and licensed data sources.


CoRE™ identifies and extracts key attributes and insights from your data, your teams, existing partners, and corporate goals. Using these insights, our algorithms adapt and tailor themselves to your unique business needs.


Using our global cloud platform, we distribute personalized recommendations, alerts, and insights to your team anywhere in the world. CoRE KOL™ — rMark Bio’s personalized intelligence app for Medical Affairs personnel — can be accessed by MSLs via the web or iOS iPad app.


The more you use CoRE KOL™, the more intelligence the platform gets. As your team’s needs evolve, our personalized intelligence engine evolves and intelligently pivots with ease. Personalized insights are continually tailored to ensure that they always relevant to your current needs.

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