Healthcare innovation is best served when individuals with diverse backgrounds come together with a common purpose and clear objectives to improve patient lives. We are product strategists, engineers, data scientists and designers who are experts in our domain and passionate about advancing life sciences for the greater good.

Leadership Team

Jason Smith is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 17 years of industry experience as technologist and product executive . He has held positions in early-stage companies, large multinational corporations and venture capital incubators yielding a rich professional background. He has assisted multiple startups to raise over $5MM in funding. Jason brings experience as an business executive and principal technologist in distributed systems architecture, big data analytics, and high-performance computing from work with ATI Research, AT&T, General Dynamics, IBM and GraySky Simulations.

A tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, Lev’s research, which has been published in prominent journals including Cell Metabolism, Immunity, and PNAS, routinely incorporates systems biology, computational, and bioinformatics methods. His expertise in these areas is underscored by the numerous research grants he as obtained from the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, Cancer Research Foundation, and ResMed Corporation.

Brian Ganaway has over 10 years experience in multiple facets of end-to-end customer architecture, contracted services, business services, and product delivery. He recently worked for CDW as a Lead Customer Service Architect wherein one of his key responsibilities included the development and implementation of a multi-billion dollar Managed Services program for their Fortune 500 clients. Brian’s experience blends hands-on technical expertise and executive leadership as highlighted by his roles at Watermark Estate Management, 1st United Bank, and ITS.

Joe Bangah has held executive positions at several telecommunications industry companies, focusing on business model development, financial analytics, operational budget management, fund raising and M&A activities, including Spligitty Fiber Optic Services and CondoInternet (acquired by Wave Broadband). Joe holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from University of British Columbia and a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Washington.

VP of Product at rMark Bio, leading development of AI solutions that accelerate discoveries and collaboration for life sciences. Believes less technology is more, and focuses on building products that integrate harmoniously with how people work and live. Enjoys solving human problems through strategy, design and technology. Experience includes agency-side, corporation, startup and small business ownership. Reads, writes and makes five-star playlists.

Jason Nett began his career as an experimental high energy physicist, earning a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and going on to perform research in finding evidence for the Higgs Boson, searches for supersymmetry, and precision measurements in electroweak physics. He then spent years as a full stack software engineer building the data program for a company that provides inflight connectivity. He designed and built software deriving business value out of data, online reporting systems, and an online advertising platform. In both the academic and private sectors, he has developed and utilized cutting edge data science and AI techniques in software.

Mike has over 15 years in the pharma industry across all functions within Medical Affairs including field teams and home office senior leadership roles. His most recent position was the Sr Director of Innovation and Strategy for  Medical Affairs at a top 20 Pharma company. In addition, he has 17 years of acute care hospital practice and has been a medical leader and managed diverse teams, in various settings for most of his career.

“One of the more unique things about the rMark Bio team is that we are a group of individuals with deep experience and successes from various fields coming together with a common goal. Combining our different perspectives has already lead to amazing innovations. I cannot wait to see what happens next.”

Advisory Board

rMark Bio advisors provide diverse expertise in finance, business strategies, and the pharmaceutical industry.